Our  Steps


Before we even begin working on your website, we need to understand your business. We take the time to learn more about your specific goals and what you expect from your websites.

Once we are very familiar with the issues your business faces, we can begin to create strategies to give you the ideal site. Wireframes will help our designers catch any potential development problems before the site is designed and built.



The actual design of your site is the fun part and focuses on being creative. Our designers will work with you to choose the perfect fonts, colours and layouts in the right combination to meet your business goals. Every site is different and we make it fit you.

Throughout this part of the process, you will be involved so that the final design is up to your standards as well.  



When you have signed off on the final design, we will begin to put your site together. We create a test site first, built to standards. This design will be very similar to the final design, but simpler so we can test it out first.

When the test site is ready, we will test it inside and out to ensure that there are no problems. You will then test it yourself to ensure it is suitable for your business.



Every website needs content and we can help you create high quality articles. With top quality content, search engines will love you.

When the site is fully populated with content, we will set the site up on the server to do a final test run on usability.

When the site is launched, we will be available to help with any questions you might have or performance needs for the site.



We strive to continue our relationship with our clients, even after the design process is done. We offer a range of services you may want to use, including SEO, E-commerce methods, responsive design enhancements and ongoing reports sent to you on a monthly basis. These make your life a little easier.