Computer Services

Our team of highly trained technicians will provide full computer setup and installation services for your home computer or your business computer system.

We can take care of everything you need to get you set up so you can use your new computer right away, or we can upgrade your existing model with no hassles or misplaced files.

Computer Setup and Installation Services

We provide computer setup and installation services for:

  • Residential Home Computer Systems

  • Business Computer Systems (Small and Medium Sized)

The list of services we provide include:

  • Hardware and Software Upgrades

If you’re having problems configuring new file versions we can upgrade your system so you can receive all the latest apps in their new and convenient format. Our technicians will evaluate your system and can offer suggestions to vastly improve your current home system and even install newer hardware for you

  • New Monitor Replacement

If you have one of those large monitors using up your workspace, we can replace your old monitor with a slender, newer model and add workspace to your desk

  • Memory Upgrades

If your memory is nearly full, we can easily increase the memory size and provide RAM upgrade for you so you don’t have to run out and spend a ton of money on a new system

  • Digital Cameras and Photos

If you just bought a new digital camera and don’t know how to configure it with your computer, we can do that for you. Out technicians can also help you back up your precious photos on a CD or other media so you can always preserve your most important memories

  • General Computer Setup Services

We can also install parental controls on your new or existing system, and can even help you out if you just moved from your home or business premises

The Home Computer Services We Provide

The list of home computer services we offer at PC Help Services includes:

  • Initial New Computer Set-Up

Just bought a new computer and don’t feel confident about setting up your new system? Our technicians will be pleased to provide that service for you.

  • Computer Peripherals Installation

Need help setting up and configuring a new printer, scanner, or digital camera? We’ll set that up for you promptly

  • Data Recovery

Lost or misplaced some valuable files or other important data and can’t find it? We can help recover and restore those precious missing files.

  • Improve Computer Performance

Computer running at a snail space and can’t figure out why? Our technicians will figure out the reason and correct the problem

  • Wireless and Network Security

Want to go wireless and are concerned about security? We’ll be happy to set up your system to go wireless and ensure your system is security protected

  • Malware Removal and Prevention

Do you suspect or know that your home computer has been infected with malware? Our technician will not only remove any malicious malware but will enhance the security you need to prevent further infections

  • Software and Memory Upgrades

Need to add some software or increase your computer’s memory? We can handle all that for you.

  • Computer and Software Training

Want to become more tech savvy and increase your knowledge and computer skills? We can provide all the training you need

Our featured computer services for businesses include:

  • Data Backup, Storage, Retrieval and Recovery

We help secure your vital business data and information with both an on-site solution and an off-site solution so you can always retrieve your vital business information even in the event of a disaster recovery situation

  • Server Installation, Maintenance and Sales

Our technicians will help you streamline your file sharing, printing, email and security needs from the point you order your equipment to final installation

  • Network Maintenance and Security

We will set up and configure your business system to limit unsafe website access, reduce spam, and install a quality firewall to protect your system from malware

  • Remote Access

Whether you have employees that work at home, on the road or overseas, we can set up your business computer system so you can access it from anywhere in the world, and collaborate with others in real time

  • Virus, Spyware and Adware Removal & Protection

Our technical team members will provide you with full security protection to prevent your business system from being infected from viruses, spyware, adware and other potential malware threats

  • Software and Application Installation and Maintenance

If you need to upgrade your business system to be compatible with your existing system, we can provide you with the support and maintenance your particular system requires

  • Email Setup, Configuration and Maintenance

Our technicians will set up the email system you need to secure your vital email communications and in a manner suitable to the circumstances of your particular business

Common Signs of a Computer Virus

Some of the signs or problems that your residential home computer or business computer operating systems are encountering and which might indicate that your system has been infected with a computer virus, Trojan horse, adware, spyware, ransomware or malware might include:

  • Slow running computer

  • Printing problems

  • Strange error messages

  • Screen changes or unusual graphics

  • Unexplained changes in file sizes or dates last used

  • An unexplained increase in the number of files

  • Family, friends or business associates in your contact list start getting strange emails from your account, often with a suspicious attachment

  • Computer freezes or crashes

  • Software applications don’t function well

Our team of technicians can quickly locate and identify the type of virus infecting your system, remove it, and clean it up promptly.

The Virus Removal and Cleanup Services We Provide

We offer the following range of virus removal and cleanup services for your residential home computer and commercial business operating systems which include:

  • Virus and Malware Removal

Once we’ve identified the virus culprit that has infected your system we will remove it so the virus or malware can cause no further problems.

  • System Restore and Cleanup

Once the virus or malware has been eliminated, we will clean up your system by restoring it to its original state before your system was infected

  • Security Upgrades

Our technicians can also provide you with the most current and advanced security systems including security updates and upgrades to protect your system from further infections

  • Wireless Printing

Our services also provide both residential homes and commercial businesses with wireless printing set up so you can print your documents from anywhere in your home or business with a simple click.

  • Computer Networking Repair

If you are encountering problems with your existing wireless router system at home or at your business, our team of highly experienced technicians will analyze the problem and correct the issue so you can get on with your day

  • Computer Network Security

Any wireless system which we install or which you are currently using needs to be security protected. Our technicians can provide you with all the most current security protocols and updates to protect your system from intrusion or malware.